This term (Term 1 2013) we are going to be working on a unit about Ancient Greece. We will be looking at a wide range of aspects of life in Ancient Greece, including Greek culture, Troy and the Trojan Horse, the Gods and religion, Athens and everyday life, Warfare, Sparta, and Greek Theatre.

We will be completing a range of activities as well as two different assessment tasks which you will need to complete in order to achieve the standard for Social Science.


Delphi- Javarne, Grace, Aiden, Kian
Athens- Johnson, Briana, Morgan, Logan
Corinth- Asher, Rhys, Bella, Nature
Sparta- Connor, Henry, Seven, Dom
Thebes- Eony, Corrina, Summer, Shannon
Rhodes- Sonja, Clara, Nicole
Argos- Kaitlin, Aleesha, Abia, Helandri


Assessment 1: Temple Build

You will be working in groups to complete this project.

This project will be using Minecraft. You will be assigned an Ancient Greek building/Temple to recreate in Minecraft.
Your group will need to research this building and find images and information about what it looked like, the layout of the building, as well as what it was used for.
Your job will be to recreate this in Minecraft, There are two large build choices which will require the use of the laptops. Each group will get 4 laptops each. The other groups will be completing their projects using Minecraft on their iPads.
You will need to work as a team to research your building and organise a plan to build.

Each member of your group will need to be assigned a role. If there are 5 in your group, you will share a role with another group member.

Strategoi: The leader, in charge of organising the others. As you are leader of the project it is up to you to make sure everyone is on task, and that the project is completed on time and all the requirements are met.
Scribe: the writer, who collects everyone's research about their building, and turns it into a fact file. (Nb: it is not the scribes job to do all the research for this. Everyone is required to find information to give to the scribe.)
Tecnicus: artist, who collects images of the build process and the completed build to turn into an iMovie that showcases the work for the class blog.
Archon:- the organiser of festivals- this person will collect all completed work and present this to the class.

Project requirements:
Each group needs to complete these tasks;
Create a fact file
Fact file on their assigned building. Use Keynote to showcase your information.
Where is it? What was it used for? Was it dedicated to a particular God or Goddess, who were they? Find images of floor plans, what it may have looked like in the past and what it looks like today. * Use these images as your guide when building.

Recreate your building in Minecraft
Make sure you lay your floor plan first. Decide who build which parts or will you work on each part together? Take screen captures of the floor plan and as you go along to record your progress.

iMovie of final work
Using the screen captures of your build, create an iMovie to showcase your build. Even take a tour of the building. Remember to caption different area so viewers will know what they are looking at.

Check out the Rubric and scoring guide here.

Building Research

20 points
- Everyone contributes to research
- Locate floor plans or building layout
- Uses of building, history of, location, gods/goddesses affiliated with
- Fact file created
- Sources quoted in Bibliography

Minecraft Build

40 points
- Ground layout complete
- Build progress documented
- Team assigned sections to build or Strategoi organises members
- Plans referred to, images used to help authentic build
- Interior and exterior aspects taken into account
- Final build documented
- Camera positions used
- All members on task

iMovie + Presentation

20 points
- Tecnicus creates camera locations in world
- Regular images taken to capture build progress as well as more detailed images of final completed build
- iMovie created, with appropriate captions as well as title and end credits
- presentation showcases build, explains challenges and successes, brief overview of building and its uses


20 points
- all members of team assigned a role
- each member takes ownership of own job
- helps others
- strategoi takes control to organise other members
- few issues or issues resolved civilly with no disruption to class or projects




Assessment 2: RSA Animate style video

This second assessment will take place at the end of our Ancient Greece unit to showcase what you have learned over the course of the term. Again you will work in groups to complete this task.

RSA Animate assessment

Using the Explain Everything app, students will work in pairs to create a short presentation on an aspect of Ancient Greece that they have researched. Students will need to research, illustrate and record their work using the app.

Project Requirements

Choose something about Ancient Greece that you are interested in or that you have learned about during this term. Research this topic further and create a 10 point plan about your topic. Each point should lead on from the other. You need to have at least one supporting fact per point.
Write your information down in essay format- about 1 page of information should be sufficient. Decide which images you will use to accompany your text. Use some of the RSA animate videos online to get the idea of what you need to do. Figure out how to visualize each supporting fact. You must have at least one image per fact. Decide what types of captions and labels you would need.

Once you have practiced your drawings, record your audio while drawing pictures using the Explain everything app.
Once complete, export movie to our class dropbox.

See also RSA Animate rubric