Welcome to your chocolate factory!

You have been selected to become Mr Wonka’s newest protégé! Congratulations!!!!!

You have a lot of work ahead of you. Mr Wonka has decided to create a completely new business and you will be running it. He has dispatched a train load of Oompa Loompa’s that should be arriving soon. Please make sure everything is completed before they arrive, Check through this special Chocolate pack carefully and make sure that you have finished all the tasks Mr Wonka has set. Watch out for the mystery trip at the end of the term too. It will certainly be a ‘sweet’ one!
Yours Sincerely Miss Sherbet Lemon Personal Assistant to Mr Wonka.

Mr Wonka has selected to you be his new protégé! Your job is to create a brand new Chocolate Factory. In setting up your chocolate factory there are a number of tasks you will need to complete before opening day.

- Name your factory and create a logo for it. Remember your logo will be on the outside of the factory and will also be on all your products.

- Design a uniform for your Oompa Loompa’s to make them look smart for when your first visitors arrive. These uniforms will be used for all Oompa Loompa’s including the factory workers so make sure they need to be fashionable, smart and comfortable

- Create your own signature lolly or chocolate. You will need a picture as well as a written description of the sweet. You will also need to create the packaging for your sweet. Remember you want your creation to outsell the competition so make your packaging bright and eye-catching, and don’t forget your logo!

- Write a jingle to advertise your lolly. It’s up to you if it rhymes, but it needs to be catchy! Think of a catchy tune or a rap that you could change up to be your jingle. Record your jingle using an app, voicethread, a voki or just using your class camera.

- Research the history of chocolate. Where was it first discovered and how has it been used over the centuries? Present you research neatly and in report form. Make sure you include any references you have used to find your information, such as book and websites.

- Create a fact file on all the ticket holders. Use the information from page 7 to help you. Make sure you include quotes from the book about each character and include a drawing or picture of each person too.

- Create an information sheet about Roald Dahl. Include information about his life, books he has written, and what other people think about him.

- Create an information sheet about Quentin Blake. Include information about his life, books he has written/illustrated, and what other people think about him.

-Create a short Comic strip about the moment when Charlie discovers he has a golden ticket.