Final project

Create your own Chocolate Room.

Build your own chocolate room out of lollies. These will be auctioned off as part of fundraising for our team trip. You will be working in small groups to complete this assignment.

1. Re-read Chapter 15 and find the descriptions of the chocolate room. Think about how the chocolate room has been depicted in the movies.

2. Plan what you want your chocolate room to look like and find a suitable box to recreate it in. You will need to paint your background first and let it dry completely. Do you need to add anything else into your diorama before you glue on the lollies- eg: pipes or hills?

3. Your chocolate room will be made out of lollies. You will need to make sure you wear gloves when creating your chocolate room as we want them to be able to be eaten once they are bought. You will be using icing and toothpicks to hold your creation together so make sure you think carefully about your layout.

Remember to think about:
-special areas to include such as the chocolate river
-how you will create things that need to stand up, such as trees
-types of lollies to use to create the effect you want.

You will need to plan carefully as each team will only have a limited amount of lollies to use and you will not be able to change your ideas half way through so think it through carefully before you begin.