Read Chapters 7-9.

Multiple Choice

1. What did Grandpa Joe and Charlie find in the candy bars that Charlie was given for his birthday?
a) coupons to buy more candy
b) a golden ticket
c) only candy
d) an announcement for a contest

2. Who found the third golden ticket?
a) Augustus Gloop
b) Violet Beauregarde
c) Mike Teavee
d) Veruca Salt

3. What did Violet Beauregarde love to eat?
a) jaw breakers
b) chocolate candy bars
c) taffy
d) gum

4. How long did Violet chew on the same piece of gum?
a) three months solid
b) three days
c) three hours
d) three years

5. What kind of candy bar did Charlie get for his birthday?
a) Mars Bar
b) Wonka’s Chocolate Covered Eggs
c) Wonka’s Whipple-Scrumptious Fudgemallow Delight
d) Hershey’s Chocolate Bar with Almonds

6. What did Mike Teavee like to do?
a) ride his bike
b) watch T.V.
c) play cowboys and Indians
d) work with his dad on the farm

7. Charlie’s grandparents thought the winners with the golden tickets were .
a) well-mannered
b) kind
c) brats
d) sweet

8. What did Grandpa Joe sneak and do?
a) watched television
b) shoveled snow
c) bought a candy bar
d) walked by the chocolate factory

9. Read these sentences from Charlie and the Chocolate Factory.
".....And I understand that afterwards he's going to give me enough gum to last me for the rest of my whole life. Whoopee! Hooray!"
"Beastly girl," sand Grandma Josephine.
"Despicable!" and Grandma Georgina. "She'll come to a sticky end one day, chewing all that gum, you see if she doesn't."
The word despicable means about the same as
a) courageous, brave
b) kind, sweet
c) greedy, selfish
d) vile, mean, detestable

10. When does Mike Teavee find the fourth Golden Ticket?
a) before Willy Wonka makes the announcement about the trip to his chocolate factory
b) after Charlie's birthday
c) before Augustus Gloop finds his Golden Ticket
d) at the end of the tour of the chocolate factory

11. What form of text is “Charlie and the Chocolate Factory”?
a) poem
b) story
c) drama
d) biography

12. What is the main problem in Chapters 7-9?
a) Charlie Bucket gets three sparse meals a day, which is hardly enough to nourish a growing boy, As a result, he is almost sickly thin.
b) Mr. Willy Wonka has decided to open the doors of his chocolate factory to five lucky children and their parents.
c) Violet Beauregarde discovers the third ticket while taking a break from setting a world record in gum chewing.
d) The fourth ticket goes to Mike Teavee, who, as his name implies, cares only about television.

Comprehension Questions

1. Were you surprised (in chapter 7) that Charlie's chocolate bar didn’t have the ticket? (If you've already read this, try to remember the first time you read it. Were you surprised then?)

2. How much money is in Grandpa Joe's hoard before he spends it?

3. Are the Golden Tickets important to the media or not?

4. What does Grandpa Joe say in Chapter 9 that gives us yet another reason to think he is the ripest of the grandparents for adventure?

5. As Grandpa Joe opens the bar, how is he feeling? The author doesn't say how he's feeling, like "As Grandpa Joe opened the bar, he felt really really excited." Instead, he shows us something about Grandpa Joe that lets us know how he feels. What does he show us?

6. Were you surprised that Grandpa Joe's chocolate bar didn’t have the ticket? More or less surprised than by the Chapter 7 bar?

7. After they open the chocolate bar, what do Charlie and Grandpa Joe do that makes you think they know there's more to life than Wonka?

± WAIT! STOP READING WONKA until you do the next exercise.
The Bad Kids: What They Want
± Review Chapters 6 and 8
There's only ticket left, and the first four have gone to rotters. But these aren't your garden variety bullies and blockheads. Each child is a unique universe of insanity that begs to be analyzed. Shall we? Fill in the information requested for each child. Complete sentences aren't necessary. Don't worry if some answers are repeated. (We've done Augustus to get you started)

Augustus Gloop
a. wants more than anything to: eat food constantly
b. parents give him: all the food he wants
c. quote from him/parent that sums him up: "Eating is his hobby, you know. That's all he's interested in." -- his mother

Veruca Salt
a. wants more than anything to: _
b. parents give her: _
c. quote from her/parent that sums her up: _ _

Violet Beauregarde
a. wants more than anything to: _
b. parents give her: _
c. quote from her/parent that sums her up: _ _

Mike Teavee
a. wants more than anything to: _
b. parents give him: _
c. quote from him/parent that sums him up:

Look at the eight categories. In the table below, cross out the words related to them. The remaining words will answer the question below.knives (5)minerals (5)candies (6)flowers (6)vegetables (6)trees (6)fruits (2)cookies (2)
dagger potato beet fudge afford rose toffee He mints butcher daisy nougat pansy elm carrot iris radish petunia cabbage turtles couldn’t parsnip scalpel beech oak quartz violet poplar birch glasses diamond stiletto maple taffy topaz peanut butter apple talc gypsum chocolate chip pear bowie
Why did Mr. Bucket hold the newspaper up close to his face?

Select the correct response from the box below. Three answers will be left over.
1. The amount of money Grandpa Joe had in his purse:
2. Charlie and Grandpa Joe’s reaction to finding the candy bar:
3. How deep the snow around the house was:
4. Type of wind that blew for days:
5. Two vital problems facing the Bucket family:
6. What happened to the toothpaste factory:
7. Mr. Bucket’s new job:
8. What Charlie began to look like:
9. How Charlie saved his strength:
10. Color of the found money:
11. Number of chocolate bars Charlie thought he would buy:
12. Type of store Charlie went to:
shoveling snow in the streets greenish laughterOne a freezing gale a skeletona newspaper & stationary shop it went bust four feet programmed computers cry he walked slowly ten cents clown in a circus how to keep warm and how to have enough food to eat

Similes are comparisons using the words “like” or “as”. For example: ‘The wind was like a
knife on his cheek.’ Complete these sentences using a simile.
1. He was as busy as .
2. She was nervous as .
3. When my father snored he sounded like .
4. When my teacher laughed he sounded like .
5. My mother’s meat loaf tasted like .
6. The newborn puppy was as cuddly as .