Read Chapters 10-12.

Multiple Choice

1. What did Mr. Bucket do after losing his job to earn extra money?
a) shoveled snow
b) baked stews and apple pies
c) collected cans and bottles
d) delivered newspapers

2. What did Charlie find walking home from school?
a) a golden ticket
b) a dollar bill
c) a candy bar
d) a quarter

3. Who found the last ticket?
a) Mrs. Bucket
b) Charlie
c) Grandpa Joe
d) the fat storekeeper

4. How many candy bars did Charlie look inside trying to find the golden ticket?
a) 7 b) 1 c) 3 d) 4

5. One lady in the store where Charlie found the ticket tried to _ .
a) steal the ticket from Charlie
b) trade the ticket for a trip to the beach
c) buy the ticket for $500
d) bribe Charlie into giving her the ticket for 10 candy bars

6. What did the storekeeper tell Charlie to do?
a) give him the ticket
b) wait at the store until the news crew came
c) run straight home
d) call his parent to come and pick him up from the candy store

7. What would each person who held the golden ticket go home with?
a) truckloads of candy
b) stocks in the Willie Wonka Chocolate Factory
c) 100 tickets to tour the chocolate factory
d) secret recipes

8. Charlie found the golden ticket .
a) a week before the tour
b) the day before the tour
c) a month before the tour
d) after the tour was over

9. Who would go with Charlie to the chocolate factory?
a) Grandpa Joe
b) Mr. Bucket
c) Mrs. Bucket
d) Grandma Josephine

10. A Wonka's Whipple-Scrumptious Fudgemallow Delight costs .
a) one dollar
b) fifty cents
c) two dollars
d) ten cents

11. Read this sentence from Chapter 10.
Sometimes, he would stand motionless outside the gates for several minutes on end, taking deep swallowing breaths as though he were trying to eat the smell itself.
What does the word motionless mean?
a) having a lot of motion
b) without motion
c) before moving
d) signaling with a gesture

12. Which detail about this story cannot really happen?
a) A young boy finds a dollar on the street as he walks home from school.
b) A father loses his job.
c) Four feet of snow fall in one day.
d) Old people do not need to eat because they're too old to bother with.

13. Read the following sentences from Chapter 11.
The shopkeeper put Charlie's change on the counter. "Take it easy," he said. "It'll give you a gut-ache if you swallow it like that without chewing."
Charlie went on wolfing the candy. He couldn't stop.
What does the word wolfing mean?
a) hunting for wolves
b) to give a false alarm - for example: The Boy Who Cried Wolf
c) to act like an animal
d) to eat hungrily

14. Which event happens after Charlie finds the Golden Ticket?
a) Charlie asks the shopkeeper for a Wonka's Whipple-Scrumptious Fudgemallow Delight.
b) Charlie finds a one dollar bill on the way home from school.
c) Charlie runs through the snow as fast as his legs would go.
d) The toothpaste factory where Mr. Bucket works shuts down, and he becomes unemployed

Comprehension Questions

1. Multiple Meanings: Want. In the last lesson, we looked at what each ticket-holding jerk wanted. There, "want" means "desire" or "crave". In Chapter 10, Charlie has a very different kind of want. Explain the meaning of Charlie's want. (You can use a dictionary.) Then write a sentence about him that uses want in this way.

2. List two ways Charlie tries to save his strength before he finds the dollar.

3. Briefly describe the appearance of the man who sells Charlie the Wonka Bar in Chapter 11. What is the most probable reason he looks this way?

4. How does Charlie feel the instant he discovers the Golden Ticket?

5. How does Grandpa Joe take the news of the discovery of the ticket?

6. In Chapter 12, how do we see Dahl's excellent timing at work again?

Other Activities__

Write the definitions of these similar-looking words to distinguish them. You can use a
dictionary or the internet.
1. Stationary:
2. Stationery:
3. Gamble:
4. Gambol:
5. Hoard:
6. Horde: