Read Chapters 13-15.

Multiple Choice

1. Why were the biggest rooms in the chocolate factory underground?
a) The Wonka Factory kept the biggest rooms underground so no one could find them.
b) Underground rooms were cooler, so the chocolate wouldn’t melt.
c) The factory was too little, so underground was the only way fro the factory to grow.
d) Mr. Wonka built underground rooms to keep spies out.

2. Who were the little people on the other side of the chocolate river?
a) Oompa-Loompas
b) dwarfs
c) elves
d) midgets

3. Who was the owner of the chocolate factory?
a) Charlie Bucket
b) Veruca Salt
c) Willie Wonka
d) Augustus Gloop

4. Where did Willie Wonka take everyone first?
a) the chocolate room
b) the bubble gum room
c) the taffy room d) the elevator

5. What did Willie Wonka look like?
a) large fat man with polka dotted pants and a shirt with large brass buttons
b) tall, thin man with a point wizard’s hat, red cape, and yellow and black striped shirt
c) average sized man with a black and white pin striped suit carrying a cane that had a carved snake at the end
d) little man, with a black top hat, tail coat make of plum-colored velvet, bottle green trousers, and carried a gold-topped walking cane

6. ___ in the chocolate room.
a) Stacks of candy bars were
b) A river and waterfall out of chocolate was
c) A door to the taffy room was
d) Bulletin boards covered with secret recipes were

7. How much chocolate was in the chocolate room?
a) billions and billions of gallons
b) enough to fill every bathtub and swimming pool in the entire country
c) enough to make 1,000,000 candy bars
d) enough to make every child in the world six candy bars

8. What did the Oompa-Loompas look like?
a) short and fat with eyes that glowed in the dark
b) knee high with funny long hair
c) tall and skinny with green skin
d) 1 foot tall with heads that were enormous

9. What is the main problem in this story?
a) The Bucket family is very poor and starving after Mr. Bucket loses his job at the toothpaste factory.
b) All of the children except Charlie are brats and very self centered.
c) Mr. Wonka cannot find hard workers to make his chocolate bars.
d) Five children who have found golden tickets compete to see who will take over Mr. Wonka’s chocolate factory.

10. Choose the question that is answered in the story.
a) Where is Loompaland?
b) How many types of candy has Willie Wonka invented?
c) How many adults toured Willie Wonka's Chocolate Factory?
d) How tall is the chocolate waterfall?

11. Based on the story, what will most likely happen in the future?
a) Augustus Gloop will eat less chocolate than the other four children on the tour.
b) Veruca Salt will like the chocolate better than chewing gum.
c) The children will not have a good time touring the chocolate factory.
d) Willie Wonka will show the children additional rooms in his factory.

12. Which sentence from the passage contains an opinion?
a) Everyone stopped picking buttercups and stared across the river.
b) The Oompa-Loompas were fantastic!
c) And now everyone started shouting at once.
d) There's more than two! There's one, two, three, four, five!

Comprehension Questions

1. On the day of the Wonka visit, how can you tell that the general public is still rather excited about Wonka even though the ticket hunt is over?

2. When the crowd comments on the ticket holders, what do they notice about Charlie?

3. How does the crowd's opinion of Charlie differ from their opinion of the other kids?

4. List all the colors in Wonka's outfit
5. To what animal does Dahl compare Wonka?

6. What is the one request regarding the tour that Wonka makes just before he leads the children inside the gates?

7. What does Wonka say in the first paragraph of Chapter 15 that lets you know that this factory will be different from real factories?

Select the correct meaning for the underlined words.
a) a small vest
b) a bird
c) a slight remnant
d) in a fraction, the number above the line

a) a piece on a sundial that shows the time of day
b) a dwarf that lives underground
c) a white amino acid
d) a heavy, coarse cloth

QUADRILLE: a) a four-sided figure
b) a large number
c) a large drink
d) a square dance for four couples

Look at the six categories below. In the table, cross out the words related to them. Use the
remaining words to answer the question.
trees (6)flowers (6)
aquatic terms (6)
countries (6)
things that are brown (3)
kinds of boats (3)

willow glass aster of sugar whole buttercup lake canoe birch eddy mallow bread Norway oak phlox pine creek kayak alder mass dingy Haiti Peru river daisy waterfall whirlpool enormous rice Canada pipes Sweden Brazil petunia poplar

What was dangling down into the river?