Read Chapters 22-24.

Multiple Choice

1. Where did the children go after leaving the Inventing Room?
a) home
b) through endless corridors past many doors and windows
c) to the de-juicing room d) to the Chocolate Room

2. What was special about Mr. Wonka’s cows?
a) They could sing songs.
b) They gave chocolate milk.
c) They gave strawberry milk.
d) They were fat.

3. Choose the sentence that uses commas correctly.
a) The group passes other doors containing hot ice cream, chocolate milk cows, and, fizzy lifting drinks.
b) The group passes other doors containing hot ice cream, chocolate milk cows and fizzy lifting drinks.
c) The group passes other doors containing hot ice cream chocolate milk cows, and fizzy lifting drinks.
d) The group passes other doors containing hot ice cream, chocolate milk cows, and fizzy lifting drinks.

4. The square candy looked _ .
a) round
b) circular
c) square
d) triangular

5. Which was NOT an invention of Willie Wonka?
a) hot ice cream for cold days
b) marshmallow pillows
c) rainbow colored lollipops
d) lickable wallpaper

6. Why couldn’t people go into the nut room?
a) The squirrels would bite them.
b) The squirrels would test them as good or bad nuts.
c) The squirrels would start yelling.
d) The squirrels would stop working.

7. What did Veruca want?
a) a pet squirrel
b) nuts
c) chocolate bars
d) a bird

8. Veruca _.
a) swelled up like a big blueberry
b) was mixed into a candy bar
c) fell into the chocolate river
d) was thrown down the garbage chute

9. What happened to Mr. and Mrs. Salt?
a) They were attacked by the squirrels.
b) They were pushed down the garbage chute.
c) They were coated with chocolate.
d) They were carried off by the Oompa-Loompas.

10. Read these sentences about Veruca Salt. The song is about Veruca. It says that she is in garbage because she is spoiled, and that her parents are to blame and ___ they deserve to go down the chute too.
Which word belongs in the blank space?
a) therefore
b) unfortunately
c) finally
d) however

11. Read the sentence.
If you go into the nut room, you will disturb the squirrels!
What is the correct way to write the bold words as a contraction?
a) yo'ull
b) you'd
c) you'll
d) youl'l

12. Based on the story, what will most likely happen in the future?
a) Mr. Wonka will begin to cry because the children are disappearing from his tour of the chocolate factory.
b) Veruca will continue the tour of the chocolate factory.
c) Mike Teavee will do something wrong and will leave the group next.
d) Mr. Wonka will take Mike Teavee and Charlie Bucket to the game room to play basketball and video games.

Comprehension Questions

1. Quote an example from Chapter 22 of how Wonka deals with questions rather than answering them.

2. Veruca said the square candies didn't look round, and Wonka said the square candies did look round. How could they both say those words and be correct?

3. What did Wonka request regarding the squirrel room?

4. Why does Wonka use squirrels instead of Oompa-Loompas to open nuts?

5. What are some (non-sweet) foods that Wonka eats?

6. Why are the Oompa-Loompas glad that the parents fall into the chute?

7. Imagine you can hear Veruca as she falls down the chute and encounters the various items in the Oompa-Loompa song. Write what she says.