Charlie and the Chocolate Factory will be part of our reading programme for this term.

You will need to read the chapters and answer the multiple choice and comprehensions set for each week. You will be given time in class to complete these questions and to read the chapters. Each set of Chapter questions is due on Friday of each week. You are responsible for completing the set tasks as well as extra activities during class time. It is expected that if you cannot complete these during the allotted class time that these will be completed for homework.

There are also extra activities to complete before the end of term as well as a final project. I expect these to be completed throughout the term however you may choose which ones you complete each week or 2.
For the final project you will be working in teams which will be assigned later in the term.

There is also a team trip at the end of term. This is a very special trip and participation is invitation only. Your invitation will be earned based on work completed and behaviour. Non completion of work and misbehaviour could mean that you may not be invited to attend our trip.