Our topic for term is Incredible Journeys. Each week we will take a look at a different journey. These may be individuals, groups of explorers and even animals. There will be different tasks to complete each week and an assessment at the end of the term. We will be watching videos, reading articles and finding information about each different topic.

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Assessment Task

Your assessment task will be to use all the knowledge you have gained this year in the use of different apps and tools to present about an Incredible Journey. This can be an extension of one of the journeys we have looked at in class, or one of your choice.
You may use any tools, apps etc available to you as well as the classroom laptops to create your presentation. I am looking for lots of creative ideas!!! You may work together if you want to but in no more than 2-3 people.

You need to include:
Information about the Journey and why it is incredible.
Where was the journey and what happened.
Who were the main people.
Problems or challenges that were overcome.

You have the freedom to do anything you like to present your work however it needs to be creative and interesting for others. You will need to do extra research, go to the library, google! However you must put all written information into your own words and provide a bibliography with a minimum of 3 different sources that you have found information from. You will need to come up with a plan of what you will do, including detail about the tools you will use and what resources you need.

Red Bull Jump from the Edge of Space article